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We make amazing kitchens for professional catering teams and chefs working in a range of environments. Our Essential Kitchens (PK Series) offers high levels of productivity, useable workspace, flexibility AND a built in cool room.

Our kitchens are ingeniously designed and BIG. They transform from a humble container to deliver a fully capable, customisable commercial kitchen, allowing you to select the equipment in the cook run to suit your menu and foodservice requirements.

Versatile, Robust & User Friendly

We deliver each kitchen to site then set up and test for your team. You can rest easy as the technical detail and service is where we excel. Our commercial kitchens have been designed by chefs for chefs and purpose-built in customised inter-modal ISO transformable buildings.

Council inspections on site are usually completed with a minimum of fuss as our state-of-the-art kitchens are HACCP focused, OH&S compliant and have high quality food-grade finishes.


The Crawford Team’s long term industry experience and knowledge base has allowed us to improve our kitchens with every build. We tailor hire arrangements to match each client’s needs and understand that each hirer has a unique set of challenges, requirements and ideas to be addressed.  Our team use a consultative approach to work with you to find the most workable solution for you and your kitchen team.

Quality Commercial Equipment Range
  • Coolroom/Drystore/Warewashing
  • Pressure Bratt Pans
  • Commercial Dishwasher/Sink setup
  • Cook/Chill setup, Sous Vide equipment
  • Mixers & Bakery Equipment Range
  • Hot/Cold Bains, Urns & Soup Kettles
  • Commercial Induction
  • 10/20 Tray Combi Ovens
  • Underbench Fridges/Freezers
  • 4 or 6 Burner Tops (Oven Under)
  • Flat Grills (600 or 900 wide)
  • Conveyor Toasters, Salamanders
  • Vertical Food Transporters
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Suitable for
  • Commercial kitcchen upgrades (hospitals, aged care facilities, hotels, restaurants)
  • Event catering – fast food, mobile bar, café, popup, festivals
  • Boost kitchen capacity during high seasonal demand
  • Construction site canteen
  • Mining sites or Government compounds
  • Humanitarian / emergency / disaster relief catering
  • Film and TV – catering, on/off camera cooking
Unique Features
  • Plenty of practical workable space – single galley – inbuilt coolroom
  • State-of-the-art modern design and functionality
  • Food grade finishes
  • Comprehensive range of Commercial Cooking Equipment
  • Flexible layout and placement of work stations