How long can I hire the kitchen for and how much does it cost?

From a weekend to a year, minimum charge is 1 week hire. We work with our customers to find the most cost-effective option taking into account transport, installation and site requirements. A Deposit is usually required to hold advance bookings. Similar to when you would hire a car, we also charge a refundable Bond (subject to standard hire Terms & Conditions). Contact us for a detailed pricing proposal for your project.

What is the availability of the kitchens?

We have a large fleet – kitchens, coolrooms, drystore units, warewashing containers and trailer coolrooms which are in constant demand. Our friendly staff will work with you to book the right units to suit your needs.

Can I choose the equipment that comes with the kitchen?

YES!  We have a standard equipment list as a starting point which can be altered or substituted to suit your exact requirements – Cafe, A-La-Carte, Volume Production, Pop-up Restaurant, Fast Food at Events, Cook/Chill, Bakery etc.

How many people can the kitchen cater for?

This greatly depends on what you are planning to serve. The The Premier Kitchen (K series) can produce up to 500 meals in one service period, while the The Essential Kitchen (PK Series) can produce up to 400 meals.

Do you only have containerised kitchens?

We have a versatile hire fleet which includes – Coolroom Trailer, Coolroom/Drystore Container, Mobile Warewash, Pop-up Canteen/Cafe, Retail/Merchandise Container and many more. There is also a Mobile Medical Centre/Triage unit which is very popular for motor racing and sporting events. Please call to give us a feel for what you have in mind – if we don’t have it, we might be able to build it given enough lead time!

What services or connections are required for the kitchen?

The following is required within 10m of site(*):

  • 2x 32 amp (3 phase) power outlet
  • Legal discharge point for sullage (waste water)
  • 2-4x 45kg LPG bottles to run kitchen equipment
  • 1x fresh potable water connection

(*) If you are unable to meet all these requirements, out team can work with you to provide a work-around solution (eg mobile waste tanks, refillable fresh water tanks etc).

How much notice do you need?

The more time you give our team to prepare means we can work with you to plan your equipment and schedule installation/training for your team(s). That being said – sometimes things don’t go as planned and you need a kitchen RIGHT NOW. In most cases we can prepare a kitchen one day and be on site the next, depending on which base our kitchen leaves from.

How are your kitchens transported?

We transport our kitchens on side-lifter trucks ourselves. This means the technician who sets up and tests the kitchen is also the one driving the truck, making it a smooth and efficient process for our customers.

My project is a little different to the 'norm' can you still help?

The Crawford team are well used to working with our customers to provide creative solutions to meet their needs. For example, one regular customer hires our generator, water and waste tanks for an annual school camp on a remote site. On another job we had to close a road and crane our kitchen in out of hours to ensure minimal disruption to traffic flow on a busy bus route. We have even put together custom complexes and multiple kitchens co-located with dining spaces, hoarding, walkways and roofing systems to create an integrated solution.